Guide to better slots play

I have been playing slot machines for over 25 years.

Like most people, I didn't need any instructions just put your money in and pull the handle.

As the years went by the SPIN BUTTON replaced the handle but the game was basically the same.

Friends and relatives always told me "bet the max" so I did.

In fact, when I told a good friend of mine that I was writing this article he said: "well there can't be much to say just bet the max".

I told him he would have to read it when it was finished.

It was only after many years of loosing my money that I decided to find out more about slots how they worked and strategies that would increase my winnings and extend my playtime.

I am not saying that if you follow my advice you will be a big slot winner.

Winning a BIG JACKPOT relies entirely on luck. However, you will play longer for the same amount of money and you will get more enjoyment out of the game if you follow my advice.

After all, playing slots like all other forms of gambling is entertainment. If it is not entertainment for you, then you might need professional help.

But, if like most of us, you are playing for entertainment then the advice you will get in this guide to better slots play should significantly increase your entertainment value and you may actually finish the game with more money you had before you started to play the slots machines.

No one likes to stop playing because he is broke.

So, let's start.

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