How I Won $560 With FaFa Twins Slot Machine

I promised my girlfriend that I won’t play at any casino game for a month.

So, I waited almost all month without playing, however, 2 days before the end of the month, I felt that I am going to win and had to get inside the casino. After she fell asleep at a boring french movie I opened my laptop and logged in to the casino.

The first game I played was the FaFa Twins slot machine. After losing a few rounds of 10 cents I decided to play maximum bet for the last time and then I will stop and won’t tell her anything.

I clicked the MaxBet button and in a short round won $160. I couldn’t shut up and walked her to show her that we won.

How I Won $560 With FaFa Twins Slot Machine

She couldn’t decide if she should be mad or happy. I brought her a drink to the sofa and asked if she wants to play because I feel that it’s our lucky day.

She took the laptop on her knees and pressed again the MaxBet button. It happened again. The coins started to fall for a few long minutes and when it stopped, we found out that we made it again and won $500.

She wanted to play more, but I told her to stop and withdraw because the machine gave us too much for one night.

Tomorrow, if I will have again this good feeling we will try again.

How I Won $560 With FaFa Twins Slot Machine